Why does positive triumph over negative, all the time?

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Why does one beam of light destroy darkness?
Why does one act of kindness in the world makes the millions of acts of horror gone?
Why does one moment of true happiness alleviate a lifetime of sorrow?
Why does one speck of beauty eliminate an infinite amount of nothing?
Why does good always win over bad?


  • And why doesn't anyone reply? This is fact, a little bit of good can destroy a lot of bad. Look in the Bible, in Genesis, where God said that if He finds even a handful of good people in Sodom and Gomorrah, he'll spare the city. Keep in mind the cities are large, probably with close to a million people combined in them. There were only the relatives of Abraham that were good living there, and not even enough to save the city. But the fact that God said, if there was 10 good people out of 1000000 (put in perspective), the entire cities of evil will be spared.

    Please, please someone just share this beautiful fact of life with me! At least say, 'I agree' or something like 'Okay', this is so beautiful, share it with everyone you know!
  •   Look at the direction of lies, negatives and death. They stay where they are, go backwards, or cease to be. Truth, positives, and life, move according to how much you put into them.

      Christ is the bread of life, and this food, His word, helps us to know His love, which gives the freedom to move as far as our capacity can take us. If we have overcome a sin then we are no longer a slave to it. It doesn't pre-occupy our time, space, direction. If I overcame jealousy, then I would not think myself more impotant than others and  I'd be more willing to share. If I overcame pride, I wouldn't believe my way is best but share what I have as an offer.
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