Becoming a translator

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Maybe someone knows this.....
Just wondering, how does one go about becoming a translator for the coptic church? If I want to help translate text from arabic to english/vice versa as a hobby or as a job, how do I get in touch with the right people?


  • Welll.....i do need someone to help in translations of hymns....of course it'll be a service. but i would have a lot of before i asked them, let me know if you are in.
  • Omelnour, that's a worthy endeavor. I worry, however, with all the bad translations coming out in recent years that have done our fathers such great disservices, that another translator isn't what we need, but what's most needed now is a collaborative effort from professional translators capable of producing quality articulate translations like those of Abouna Tadros Malaty or Abouan Matta el meskeen's books. We don't need more faulty translation like those from Pope Shenouda's books, particularly his writing on 'ta2leeh' mistakenly translated 'deification' into English, which resulted in some EO hierarchs accusing us of heresy.

    It's this trend that I hope to see end. If you have the talent and astute knowledge of both languages you're translating from and to, then I support you 100%, but if you don't then it's best to serve in another capacity.
    I also hope to see Pope Shenouda's books redone for future generations with the same quality produced in Abouna Tadros and Matta el meskeen's books. He was very articulate in his writings and I hope to see that same quality transferred to the English speakers.

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