Priests in Sudan

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Sincere prayers for Fr. Morcos and the priests that are with him in Sudan. They have been detained by the equivalent of the Federal Police (Amn El-dawlah) for almost 2 weeks now. H.G. Bishop Elia & H.G. Bishop Sarabamoun have now both went into seclusion or their respective monasteries, and neither monasteries are receiving any visitors. 


  • What is the reason ?
  • May the Lord be with them and I do my best to pray for them despite it does not avail much in the sight of the almighty God. Im sure that just as the Lord did not leave all of our fathers the martyrs and the the saints, He surely shall never leave them for a single moment.
  • [quote author=Servos link=topic=14057.msg162176#msg162176 date=1356298107]
    What is the reason ?
    For converting Muslims.
  • may God be with them all.
    i have met anba elia twice, he is a wonderful person, and i am sure the others are too.
    may God have mercy and give us all peace and courage.
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