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Hey everyone!!
It has been like a year!! Hello, I am in year 12 now.
:D So how is everybody going, READY FOR CHRISTMAS NEXT YEAR- guys lol, we already had christmas this year, 7/1/2012, next christmas is 7/1/ 2013 Hehe


  • hi, mary e,
    am really looking forward to Christmas and praying for God's protection on our brothers and sisters in egypt / sudan / other countries where it is difficult.
    vespers ('asheya) and tasbeha yesterday was awesome, i really love 'the burning bush' and how it is an image of our Lord Jesus Christ in the womb of saint mary.
    do u go to tasbeha?
  • Hi Mary! I am Mary as well. I just joined this forum. Just wanted to introduce myself, say hello and happy holidays!
  • Hi Marysears,
    It's so good to see you on Tasbeha.org.
    God bless you my beloved sister
  • Heyy Marysears WELCOME!!!! :D awesomeeee nameeee!!! :D:D:D
  • I think that Marysears is not a person but rather a bot scamming our site.
  • Really how can you tell whether they are bot or not?
  • You can tell by looking at the link below her reply. Also we don't say happy holidays, lol they want to be as politically correct as possible. We say merry Christmas or happy nativity feast.
  • Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay!
  • Nope, not a bot. And as far as saying happy holidays..whats wrong with that? I happen to have many Jewish friends and like to say that instead of merry Christmas
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