I really need your prayers

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I am going to have a major exam next week and a report due the same day. Please pray for me, that I may have God's help in preparing and guidance on the day of the exam.

Thank you all and God Bless.


  • may God guide u and help u to remember all u studied.
  • Amen, and Thank you.
  • Dear Miriam,

    Make sure to have a small photo of the late Pope Kyrillos VI with you in your pocket as you sit your exam. He continues to perform many wonders for students today who seek his prayers. He is very reliable. Trust me.

    When he comes through for you do not forget to thank and glorify God Who continues to show pity and mercy on His sinful creation for the sake of His Name and the honour of His righteous Saints. It would also be a nice gesture of gratitude if you could perform some act of kindness or charity in Pope Kyrillos' name or even donate to a church consecrated in the name of his patron St Mina.

    God bless you.
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