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Hi every body
I prepar a small research about lazarus...
If any one has a new things to tell us or a new ideas. that's may help!
Jesus ,Lazarus,Martha and Mary the sisters
those are the main story.
thank you ..............remember me in your prayers.


  • hey emprocious

    Could you possibly further explain what you're looking for? i'm kind of slow...

    The only thing i know about Lazarus is what's said in the Bible, and that famous story of our Lord raising Lazarus from the dead...

    Sorry i couldn't help, but this community is full of great people, hopefully someone else can help you out...

    take care and God bless
  • yea crazycopt...u make a trutle look like a F1 race car :P j/ks...but yea elaboration would be great. ;D
  • Thanks crazycopt
    ok the key for the story about lazarus is :
    I think may this will be a new thing to us

    let's say lazarus is the human spirit and mary his sister is the soul and marttha is the human body.

    when lazarus die jesus crayed because he loved lazarus so much and he dose for the human spirit.......and he rose lazarus from the death exactly like waht jesus did for us he die and give us the life.

    and about mary and marttha the bible said jesus was love both
    and also jesus dose love our sole and our body.(god create us on his picture).

    marttha was warry about the home ;food to much human things
    that's way jesus told here the need is for the one (execuse my mistakes) and he was mean lazarus . so marttha like our body
    looking for the food the clothes and so many things...
    and god tell us I do not need the body I need the spirit which is like lazarus.

    about mary she was love jesus too much (by the way this was the mary which anoited the lord with ointment and wiped his feet with her hair) exactly like our sole when we sin go to him and cray to forgive us.

    that's waht I mean about lazarus.
    if you have more i will be happy to know it thank you.
    and pray for me.

  • Psalmist... that's it... we're going to war... u and i... watch out on friday night @ church!! lol ;)

    wow emprocious...

    that's a very nice way of looking at it... i never thought of it that way

    it gives me a new view on it... good job ;)

    take care and God bless
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