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I kindly ask you to mention me in your prayers because I can't find a purpose. I can't remember how and when life became so complicated for me. I know that many people are struggling to stay alive in this day in many places around the world. Some of them would be more worthy of my life than I am.

Small problems trigger my thoughts and I hope I will know what I am supposed to do in this life. I am struggling at college also (the only purpose I could see). If I fail this too, what could my purpose be?

I want to want God's will. please pray that I do so.

Thank you


  • Your desire to find a purpose in life is in itself one step closer to finding that purpose.
    Maybe your purpose is to find find Him in such a way that will be completely satisfying and fulfilling for all your life--so that you wouldn't need to turn to distractions and sin to keep you full.
    It is the greatest thing ever when God is a major source of joy, happiness, and peace in your life. For that reason, it is fitting that one should dedicate their whole life to knowing God in such an amazing way, and it's definitely something that will take a lifetime. 

    I understand, however, that you may want a more specific purpose and that''s something that really no one except God can reveal to you. But I'll keep you in my prayers =)
  • What people dont realise is we need the support of as many Christians we can to find it
    Epaphrus prayed earnestly that those Christians find all the will of Gid and be perfect and complete

    However you can find it on your own but it takes more devotion

    I still do not feel perfect and complete in all the will of God

    I wonder why life has to be so stressful
    It is a Christians duty to please their earthly master and work hard
    But people are free to serve and work hard in whatever way they want

    Jesus says those who hear will be given more
    He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much by Gods grace
    It was Gods grace which made St Paul labor

    Why did we need Paul and Appolos if we can do it alone ?

    God chose the disciples when they felt no purpose

    It is sometimes hard to find our purpose on our own it takes believing even when we are tired that's why God wants teachers

    But everyone will give account for how they use their talents and their faithfulness

    I make my tutor feel guilty for not helping me he does help me but what have I done for other people in need ?

    When you find no purpose keep fishing like st Peter
    It shouldn't consume you to find it unless that's what God wants

    We must be sure our daydreams are realistic and have value
    We must know what our goal from something is if it is absolutely necessary and can please God

    Be anxious for nothing but in prayer ...

    Do not worry about tommorow ..

    He knows that you need all these things

    Do not labor for the food that perishes but for that which endures to everlasting life
    God the Father has set His seal on Him

    Casting all your care for He cares for you

    I prayed yesterday after most time not wanting to in fear of getting obsessed and criticism
    My heart felt less heavy
    I would love to pray more but sometimes I get angry for not getting all I want from it and perhaps I use it as an excuse sometimes but proper prayer is necessary

  • When Elijah thought he was all alone God sent an angel ( a servant of God) to gave him a cake and he heard God in the still small voice

    Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart
  • may God give u all great peace and guidance.
    you enlighten us with your posts. may God bless u and remind u how great His love is.
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