The New "Guy"

edited December 1969 in Prayer Requests
My beloved fathers in christ:
His Holliness Pope Tawadros the second
My beloved father the locum tenen His Emminence Metropolitan Bachomius,
My beloved fathers the Metropolitans and Bishops of the holy synod of the coptic orthodox church,
My fathers the Hegumens and priests,

I thank you once again for the oppertunity to return back to my beloved website "" and engage in conversations concerning the spiritual needs of the chuch as well as theological topics. These past few monthes have been tough on me and it has been a time of deep contemplations, for all the statements that I have written prior to the date of September 29,2012, were my rights from were rovoked.

I must apologize to my beloved brother (Ogounastous or Subdeacon) Peter_Saad for the vulgar language that I have used with him.I must apologize to all of you for the times I may have hurt your feelings. I also want to apologize to His Grace Bishop David (secreteral vicar ecxarachal of His Holliness Pope Tawadros the second), for some posts that i have posted, and Father Pishoy Salama.
Please pray for me, as I once again resume to the site as a newbie.
God bless you all, and glory be to God forever amen.
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