Praying the Agpeya

If you pray only morning and evening prayers rather than all of the Hours of the Agpeya, which Hours should you choose for those prayers? The 1st and the 11th or the 1st and the 12th? What if you get up late or go to bed after midnight? Should you change the Hours that you pray in that case?


  • In your case if your praying after you wake up and before you sleep you should pray the first and twelfth hours. Believe it or not but the Agpeya has set time for praying each prayer:
    First Hour at 6am
    Third Hour at 9am
    Sixth Hour at 12noon
    Ninth Hour at 3pm
    Eleventh Hour at 6pm
    Twelfth Hour at 9pm
    and the Midnight Prayer is usually said before the daily midnight praises, which isn't too common outside the monastery.
    The first hour is to be prayed not matter what, even on Sunday (that's why before a mass they would never pray the First Hour, its assumed you pray it before you come) but its absolutely fine to couple hours together, for example, at 9am you miss prayer so at 12 noon you pray the Third and Sixth hour, praying the concluding prayer only once.
    My recommendation is to couple the hours as I sometimes do.

    Open to any corrections but otherwise, God Bless :)
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