Message for God !

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Dear God
I do not have a writen words to say it for you.
But I just wanna say my feelings to you.

I do not know how many times I should thank you ?
how many times I should ask for your forgivnnes ?
I do not know how many times I did ask for your help and you answered me?

God some times I ask my self what would my reaction if I was there 1972 years ago and saw you on the cross...........?
cray....? pray....? or fight with the people whom crossifyed you....?

honestly I do not Know ..but I know only one thing.
that I really feel your hand with me every day..!!
God please accept my teers
and bless all of us....................... amin


  • hey emprocious

    that's a very nice post! wow... powerful words :D

    keep posting... and welcome to the site ;)

    take care and God bless
  • Thank you christi
    I think if evrey one of us just simplly writr his feeling to god
    we will got a millions of beautiful posts.
    all of you pray for me.

    And remember when god was on the cross dieing we all of us were in his mind one by one....!!!
  • Wanna read the most beautiful letter to the Fraction of the Son Anytime...B.E.A. UUUUTIFUL....(I know i just quoted Bruce Almighty...just let it this point in time i have issues and only GOD Almighty can save me now. hehe)
  • omg so true
    how good is it
    always touches me
  • but emprocious that was beautiful, thanx for sharing it and welcome to this fantastic site- its tops :D
  • wow thnx kiddo thats beutiful

    hay mazza and psalmist wats that thing u were talkin bot if u got it can u plz share it id b very gr8ful thanx guys :) ;) :D ;D

    GB ALL
  • the fraction prayer in st basil u know the ine abouna reads at the end of the mass
  • an equally moving letter is the prayer of "Reconcilation" in the
    Gregorian Liturgy.
  • oh k im gona have2 check it 4 myself
    do u have a link?
  • [quote author=mazza link=board=1;threadid=1386;start=0#msg22952 date=1112248776]
    the fraction prayer in st basil u know the ine abouna reads at the end of the mass

    o yes i luuuuv that i think thats tha best 1 there

    GB ALL
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