So weak

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So this is the first time I've been here but i thought i would try it out.  I feel so weak, and i would get these random bursts of strength(only way i can really describe it) but they would fade after a while and i would be back to my usual self.  I left home and completely started my life over which is exactly what i needed and its been about 3 years now and other than cutting people out of my life that needed to go and a better relationship with my mother, I'm still the same weak naive little girl.  I am a huge push over when it comes to my friends and tend to drop everything and anything going on with me to help my friends but don't feel like my friends do the same for me.  I want to make my family proud of me but they keep saying that I'm just selfish and lazy and don't really care about them so maybe what I'm showing isn't what I'm feeling.  I know my family loves me but I wish instead of always telling what I'm doing wrong , they would encourage me more but that isn't really the egyptian way and I've told them many times about this but it doesn't help. Of course there is also the girly feeling of wanting to meet someone especially since all my friends younger and my age are getting engaged, married or even having children and i don't have close guy friend.  Honestly I haven't been going to church or praying as much lately just because i feel my heart isn't in it and my faith is diminishing.  I know that my life isn't all bad, i have a lot of blessings in my life thank God but they are hard to see sometimes. I know when i get like this i start doing stupid things that i end up regretting lately so thats why i thought i would try just kind of putting my heart out there and seeing what everyone thinks. I don't even know what i need to do, i just know i need help. Any advice?


  • I pray for you kaf25. Women like to share, so it makes life hard in what should be shared and what shouldn't. My opinion as a male is that you need to find what you really want in life and out of life. It is something that will make you feel complete.
      I also pray you find a good man and are able to look after him. That is to be faithful to him, not betraying him to satan by the things in this world. That is part of the problem you have now is that the people you know do betray you by bringing you into the world when God will let you be yourself.
      Have you talked to tasoni about your problem?

    God bless.
  • when you say weak, do you refer to lack of motivation/spiritual weakness or do you physically feel weak?
  • Thanks Joshuaa for your prayers. I actually dont know the tasonis in my church very well so I feel awkward talk to them. I feel both to be honest mnc_hnn, Im so lazy and not motivated to do anything
  • From the physical point of view, it could be helpful to get some blood tests to check your thyroid function etc. because that can affect your energy levels and your mood.

    Check your diet also and may be buy some vitamin supplements.

    It is good to talk about it. Talk to God, talk to a counselor. It will help you think things through and lighten the chip on your shoulder.

    Rely on God alone. don't rely on a human. Not even your best friend. For you will surely be disappointed sooner or later.
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