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Hi all. I read Remember Thy First Love by Archmandrite Zacharias over the summer and one of his chapters was called "The Language of God". In the chapter, he explained how you should snatch the first thing that comes out of your FOC's mouth because it is always God speaking.

I was talking to my FOC a few years ago while I was taking my SAT's and he told me that he knows I will get above a 2000 and get accepted into Med programs.  None of that happened. A few months ago, he said that I should continue to Medical school and that I'll do fine on the MCAT. I've been very stressed lately about which career choice to pick. I'm in between Doctor and Scientist/Chemist.  I enjoy both fields and the school time will be similar since I would get a PhD if I was to be a scientist.  Other than the loans, I am pretty neutral about them both with concern to personal interest.  For the past few weeks, I've been reading articles about how there won't be jobs for Medical students by the time I graduate, I've talked to people in Medical School now and Graduates and they all said don't go, take another path. I don't know what to do!! I need to decide now so I can plan my classes and prepare for the necessary tests. I've been praying really hard and my FOC hasn't been a big help and I just don't know what to do. If anyone is in either of these fields, I'd appreciate a PM so I can ask questions. Please give me advice. Thanks


  • This is my first year in med school. I was very hesitant about going in at first, worried about a lot of things; would I be grossed out? what if I hate it? what if I am only doing it because it is part of Egyptian culture?

    And let me tell you, even after a few months, it has already been so fulfilling. It is of course a tremendous amount of work, but it is so worthwhile in the sense that you truly feel you are using your God given talents to directly benefit the people around you, who all entrust you with what is most precious to them. You also see how amazing God created man and how elegantly everything works together.

    The medical field is wide enough that it is very likely you will find some field you are interested in. And until God's kingdom comes (and all illness is wiped away), there will be a universal need for doctors.

    It will of course be a long and tiring journey, and you have to expect that, but you will reap tremendous fruit.

    That is my bias, perhaps others can comment on their experiences.

    God bless you and make His will clear.
  • there is a huge difference between being a medic and a chemist. Two different lifestyles and expected input of efforts.

    just remember that there are other career paths apart from these two. pharmacy, optometry etc etc.

    you need to ask yourself:

    Do I want to work with people or would I prefer lab work with limited contact only with other scientists?

    What kind of hours do I want to work after graduation?

    where do I want to work after graduation?

    what's the employment rate for graduates on this course?

    is there potential to climb a career ladder (i.e. study/ train further to be promoted to a higher position)

    what is the pass rate for the course? (compare that with your performance in education so far)

    Am I open to travelling with work/ working abroad?

    And also it is good to have a backup plan for another job / course to do in case your plan A doesn't work out
  • My advice to you is not to do a course which you do not know you will complete it

    At one point I thought I would not complete engineering because of the project but I said to myself I will quit at the time of the project  if I can't do it
    But I knew I had it in me to complete engineering I love maths and physics in high school and was good at them but I was never good at practical work

    Starting march I will be doing the project on its own

    Also I don't think any Egyptian will get far in lheir ambitions if they don't respect others so maybe you should just drop it and go to church focus on being a businessman you are lucky to Be in this country

    I was studying physiotherapy before but I failed and I left it I also did not like it because I had to touch people and it seemed like it would get boring after time
    And I thought I am a clumsy person and had socialising problems

    Jesus teaches us to count the cost

    Find a good college where you can graduate in
    Make sure you loan money to get tuition or better use your own money many become in dept after they finish Uni

    Make sure you take a video camera to anatomy and practical classes and don't be shy to use it you can get a sunglasses spy camera  but that looks weird
    But they are accommodating if you have a disability
    Solomon says money answers for everything that's because you get technology and tutors
    I never did this in physio

    Medicine seems like a very hard field you have to write reports
    The university normally has a careers centre where you can
    Ask for help from a tutor

    Uni is still going to be hard but so is everything in life

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
    "whether things present or things to come all are yours"

  • Medicine seems like a very hard field you have to write reports

    lol, if only it was that simple! reports are the least thing to worry about
  • I meant assignment reports not reporting on someones condition

    Also do not give up on your dreams but be ready to pay the price and or face or live the consequences

    My bookmark in my bible says "O that we would be like children who dream and pursue their dreams " or something of that sort I lost it

    not that I am to take everything as a sign but it sure is a sign but not a special sign sent from heaven but it is good to lay to heart those things we see and hear and consider them that is God's way of talking.. through logic and the power beauty  and success of good words when it points us also to the bible which says the same things if your outlook is brighter then God has whispered to you

    If you have a talent then you owe it to the world to use it
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