Re: Why Didn't Jesus Wish To Be Crowned King?

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  St. John 6:15 Therefore when Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take Him by force to make Him king, He departed again to the mountain by Himself alone.

?Why did He do that?


  • The Jews believed that the Messiah would be a wealthy worldly king. The people at that time wanted to make Him a worldly king. Christ emphasized that He is not a materialistic king/worldly king, but His kingdom is not of this world. The true emphasis and the reason mankind should love Him, is not for His worldly fame, but His heavenly characteristics.

    I imagine that if He had accepted, people [most likely many Jews] would have worshiped Him. I may be completely wrong, this is nothing but a hypothesis. But given that be the case, then their reason would have been wrong, and their hearts would possibly not have changed. Coming to God, finding God, is a change of heart. But instead of loving Him, they would only love what He can give them. Instead Christ left, escaped worldly glory and showed us the true essence of Christianity. He escaped vainglory, went to a mountain and prayed (We learned that He prayed in the same passage but Matthew 14). The foundation of Christianity, prayer.
  • Thank u for the words of wisdom. I think u r right. But it seems like it would have been so much easier for CHRIST to just accept kingship at that time; and just have continued teaching and feeding. Guess it just wasn't the 'time' for such.
      Or even more extraordinary, maybe HE was waiting for us to be born or for future generations, predestined for some 'greatness'
    I'm just awestruck everytime to know our Almighty GOD would suffer sooo much, take sooo much aggravation and still be so forgiving and loving to all,

    Because isn't that why we love the Holy Trinity, bcuz of the gifts of light and life we receive in following them?
    I think we still have that problem even today of loving what GOD gives us, but nor really loving HIM and HIS  Message

  • Jesus is God in the flesh. The people weren't to force him to be king as it would of being their will which sets who ever they make king in this world, up for failure, because there is no victory to be had in this world when all is at war or conflict, either personally or socially. When a problem arises, people blame or find fault. This not perfect, so through Christ Jesus He offers perfection and the way to get there.
        Which brings me to the mountain. Jesus went to the mountains and prayed to the Father as it is closer to God. We don't have the mountains but we do have our church and this is where we get close to God.

      Pray for me.
  • I think it could also be because He is already crowned King. But in His own Kingdom. The earth is not His kingdom, so why should He be crowned in it?
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