Who do I ASK?

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Hey guys- Greetings in Christ to all of you!!

I need serious prayer about an issue- actually there are several issues and they are all very serious. My priest is a great one but he is only one man who has a lot to think about with our whole congregation and his own wife and several children. (We only have one priest)

I need someone who can particular focus on praying about my situation. Who can I ask?

I'm going to pray seriously too so I'm not trying to put responsibility on one person but I just have a lot of issues I need help with so I need big prayer

Thank you and May God bless you


  • I find it quite strange that you need another human being to concentrate and focus their prayers just for you. God listens to you too. Ask for the saints' intercessions.

    And if you speak to your priest, he will remember to pray for you. Unless you wanted someone to talk to about the issues, rather than just ask for prayers.
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