What is the key of happiness?

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Everybody like happiness. But most of the people don`t know, what is happiness? We should take care about our health, Because  health is wealth and it is the root of our happiness. Always we have to conscious about our happiness and take care of our health.


  • Can we do something about this nonsense, please.
  • success is the key of happiness as if any person is sucessful in life with the money as well as health then surely he is going to9 be the most happiest on the earth
  • The key to happiness?  Probably a new Rolex watch, or pills to make you more manly, or maybe a new purse!
  • Hmm As according to my opinion, the only thing that may keep anyone happy is the positive thinking and great trust upon God, otherwise nothing can make the satisfaction level complete at all and so tough to be happy from the soul. :)
  • The key of happiness in glory of God in our all deed the happiness is spiritual matter before to be material matter satisfy God in our all deed ,be holy as he is holy .....! you will be happy for ever in earth as in Heaven 
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  • Forgive them mabsoota because they hold their sin against themselves and are talking of their own slavery, especially  the desire for money. Key to happiness - God helping you to be content.
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