looking into their eyes

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Is it completely insane to say that you can tell/guess if a person is good or not by looking into their eyes?

I am not trying to be judgmental, it is just a feeling/ almost an instinct


  • Suppose even for a second that it were possible to tell a person's intent from reading his eyes. What would that do to us? If I saw malice in your eyes, and turned from you, maybe I just left you in your sin. I could have been a friend, and averted the evil in your heart with the good which God shower on us all!

    Looking into a person's eyes is usually an event of connection, and it is good if it were to be kept that way. Rather then develop pre-conceived notions, correct or not, we should begin clean with everyone, and give them every reason to excuse themselves of any fault. Excusing them is the polar opposite of passing judgement on them before they even speak!

    Besides, I doubt the eyes mean anything. Eyes are made for seeing, not reading a personality.

  • only klingons can do it...
  • you're funny Mabsoota, I had to look up klingon.

    I do not mean that my feelings are accurate. But hasn't anyone ever had a sensation that someone is not a good person before you even talk to them?

    And if so, were you right?

    whether you were right or wrong, what gives us these feelings?
  • yes, sometimes and no, sometimes.
    i appear not to have the gift of prophecy
    these feelings may come from God, the devil, or our own imagination.
    so not 100% accurate.
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