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This weekend I'm starting an alhan class for the kids in my church. I'm obviously starting off with the Coptic alphabet, and then move on to hymns. Does anyone have any resources or some sort of curriculum that can help? Thanks!

P.S. It's safe to assume these kids know nothing at all.


  • Peter,

    In my church we have implemented the alhan curriculum by St Mary's Church in East Brunswick NJ with some modifications. We added a "Introductory class" for kids 3-8 years old, then continued with St Mary's curriculum and added a Level 3 advanced class. The Introductory class and Level 3 class have a "customized" curriculum which we're still working on. I will say that most churches don't have the resources for 4 individual classes. You'll probably have to combine all the kids into one class. I recommend you use St Mary's curriculum and modify it to match the competency of your kids.

    Hopefully, someone from East Brunswick can help you if you want to get the Level 1 and Level 2 books. Our priest got all the books for us. I don't think they're for sale online.
  • I'd love to get those! I was just there about 2 weeks ago, actually. I'll see if I can find someone to get them for me. Thank you!

    this even has words they can learn! i used this and now i can speak a little coptic and understand in church
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