The moral power of music

edited December 1969 in Random Issues
A good article on the moral power of music:


Good music touches the soul delightfully and elevates it nobly; whereas bad music corrupts the soul as profoundly as error corrupts the mind, because just as the mind should not be enslaved by untruth, so too the soul should not be enslaved by tyrannous passion. It is so very important to realize that it is not simply the lyrics that will affect man, but the music itself enters into the deepest recesses of the soul to influence man even more profoundly. Words must first be understood by the mind, but music is immediately grasped by the emotions.


  • Thank you, I needed this!
  • So it is not necessarily words that affect the emotions? So for people who criticise the hymn alleluia taking so long are wrong... or are they?
    Oujai qen `P[C
  • well that's really a good information regarding music, music really gives me relief .
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