Hello :D

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Hello, I'm new here and wanting to learn more about Coptic Christianity (because I have plans to convert in the near future for my marriage - to a wondeful Coptic man :D )

Anyway, I was brought up (German) Luhteran and have read for many many years of many other religions and spiritual paths so this has always been a major interest for me (as well as the cultural-anthropological side). And spirituality has always been a focus in my life. The same with philosophy, art and history. Unfortunatly, I'm not majoring in religious studies in my University, I decided to go into Urban and Inner City Studies and immigration work. I have read some things on Coptic Christianity - but I have asked him (I'll just call him my fiance here for cultural sake) about these claims and he says they arent true. (Just many things from different websites) So, I thought joining a group would be best. Get to know things better person to person.

I'm also trying to learn Arabic :)

-- Vanessa


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