Night time prayer :(

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For some reason it has been quite difficult for me to pray at night.
I get carried away with whatever hmk, a friend calls, some kind of project comes up, etc...all which keep me up to the point which makes me so tired all I want to do is sleep rather than pray. I do pray but I usually find myself asleep in the middle of it and its not a heartfelt or serious time spent with God. I don't like this, I want to have serious evening and morning prayer. Usually also when my evening prayers are bad, I wake up later or have less time for my morning prayers.

Does anyone else deal with this evening or morning prayer issue due to sleep or being tired? How do you overcome it? Any tips or pointers would be amazing!


  • I'm struggling with the same issue. Having that discipline and consistency in your prayer life can be very difficult. We have to understand that you shouldn't just pray when you want to, but it has to be a routine.

    1) Balance those spiritual highs and lows: This is almost everyone's problem when it comes to prayer. Say in the beginning of the fast, you come out strong (fasting till sunset, praying every hour of the agpeya, etc..) then you stop all that after a couple days or a week. Developing spritual habits needs to be done gradually. For example, you're motivated to lose weight. So you go to the gym ten times a day for a week. Lose 5 pounds, stop going, and gain 10 more. lol

    2) Develop some sort of routine every day: A great way to develop a routine is to use the Agpeya, Agpeya. :p It's a great tool when you just feel like you've been slipping and helps you get back on track.

    Prayer isn't something that you just do when you feel like it. It is kind of like a chore. You don't want to, but you have to. but don't let it get to the point where you don't even feel like you're talking God anymore. You still want to have that connection.

    The best time to pray is when you're on your bed about to sleep, and you remember that you forgot to pray.

    "Prayer is not measured by the degree of comfort one receives from it, but the amount of struggle and toil he goes through" -Bishop Youanis of Gharbia.

  • that's right.
    also, my top tip:
    praying in bed is only to be done AFTER u have finished praying standing up / kneeling etc.
    (have learnt from my own naughty experience!)
  • You could pray at 9 pm.
  • When you pray don`t pray before you go to sleep. do it at a certain time
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