Having Children

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I have some questions:

> Do you want to have children at some point in your life? and why?

> Are there people out there who never felt the need to have children?

>Is it abnormal to not feel the desire to have kids?

>Is it a sin to say that you never want to have kids?

I have had an argument presented to me that it is wrong to say that you don't want to have children. But it is wise to limit the number of children you have (aka contraception). Because (unless you have given up your life to be with God) you are showing that you do not trust God; that you do not trust that God has a plan for your life and you want to live life in your own way.



  • 106 views and no one has an opinion? yet everyone is having children by default!

  •   God is righteous, so if you become a monk or get married with many chilren, are you any less moral or unable to be as close to God? He knows the very differculties of having a family, and his mercy extends to all, whether monk or family.
  • u didn't add as an option:
    i am already old so have to answer the question in the past tense...
  • :) Mabsoota, do you mean you have kids?
  • no, i didn't have kids.
    i borrow other people's sometimes!
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=13640.msg159682#msg159682 date=1347227552]
    no, i didn't have kids.
    i borrow other people's sometimes!

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    That is all
  • haha, but borrowing kids isn't the same as having them for life! no going back, no second chances, no break
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