I would like to know that consciousness means to you. Can you help me understand its meaning, its significance in civil and Christian life.

What is consciousness in the face of the teachings of Master Jesus and the teachings of the Desert Fathers. What thought H H Pope Shenouda III about consciousness.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge to a person who is trying to live in the light of the teachings.

Good night.


  • May I just clarify whether you are asking about consciousness or did you mean conscience?

  • conscience = whoa what i did was bad
    consciousness = whoa
  • Sorry, I mean conscience.

  • Love sodr2 answer. Conscience is knowing right from wrong. There are a lot of disagreements over it. We can use our own conscience as a guide, but the best is to follow Jesus Christ's commandments because it comes from love. It will make you genuine and even if someone is judging you, you will look inside yourself and say thank you I didn't realize I was upsetting someone. It close to rules or law but more personal.
  • I feel that conscience comes from God. Because we were created in His image, we each have a little part of Him.

    But since we have free will, we can do whatever we want, so when we do wrong, our conscience makes us feel guilt for what we have done. I am grateful that I have conscience because otherwise we would be very lost.

    I think that when we are baptised, we receive the Holy Spirit which kindles our conscience. But if we keep sinning and not repent and don't confess, the Holy Spirit in us becomes like a candle that is blown off.

    You can notice that if you keep repeating a certain sin many times, eventually, you don't feel guilt as much.

  • mnc_hnn is right. Genesis3:5      For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil.

    This is in reference to the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
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