Tamgeed for St. Joseph the carpenter

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I was wondering if anyone knew of any tamgeed or glorification hymns for St. Joseph. I don't mind if it's in Arabic, but I prefer if it were in English. Thank you all and God bless!


  • Hail to Saint-Joseph

    Peace to Joseph the carpenter      Chosen Virgin fiance
    Testified as just                          with old age and respectful

    He is a just descendant                from the chosen David family

    God assigned him with power  and gave him dignity and respect

    God assigned him and confided him to be His mother fiance

    His bat showed a sign                  flew like a pigeon

    So he took the young Mariam the pure clean Virgin

    To his home with tenderness        to accomplish God Will

    They thought of a normal wife      and she was seeking virginity

    Overflowed heavenly grace          in Jewish Nassera

    Grace to you just                        Grace to your chosen home

    Where the good news came with the birth of the humanity deliverer

    The girl kept in her heart            the good news of her God birth

    And Joseph when he saw her tummy was confused and never told her.

    He is really just                          as testified by the verses.

    But the matter confused him        and the God of light did not leave him The matter is about the deliverer so He sent a lightening Angel  To calm him of the Godly pregnancy he shouted I am not worthy Here I got the field that captivates the mind

    Has the precious stone                Jesus high priced

    Heaven will not forget your suffering your watch and traveling

    Your effort in your service            your gallant and completeness

    You weren't Jesus father              but you took the clear name

    Not as a commend                      but as honor to your servable personality You got fatherhood honor  and God glorified you strongly And He sent His angel to announce Egypt is your refuge

    You became the responsible        so the Angel came to you

    Take the baby and mother of light and to Egypt go right away

    He didn't specify the place in Egypt  so they went around it

    Benediction our valley & Kaskam mount by the unique visit

    Egypt how lucky how fortunate    with Jesus when He came to you

    On a light cloud                          the pure Virgin mother

    Joseph remained carpenter feeding the girl and her just son

    Until the inspiration to go back  and the angel came for the 3rd time So the scripture happened    from Egypt I called my beloved son The time in Egypt lengthened  and the danger had vanished

    Joseph obeyed at once                  harnessed his donkey and said

    Those nice tiredness                  escorting the God and His Sainte mother And returned with the virgin and the boy  to Nazareth safely And the boy growing full of grace and complete wisdom

    We bless you with tunes              asking for repentance and forgiveness

    From the judging God                  Who incarnated and became man

    All virgins bless you                    that live just and clean

    You who became a lamp stand    that illuminates for all watchers

    The mention of your name            is in the mouth of the faithful
    We all cry out                            O God of St-Joseph carpenter help us all


    The Mysterious Staircase - Miracle attributed to St Joseph
  • I appreciate the link and the translation! Thank you both!
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