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Dear Tasbeha.org,

My name is Karim Aziz, a servant and missionary at the St. Mary and St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia under His Grace Bishop Youssef of Bolivia.

We are currently recording tasbeha in Spanish and we would like to add it to your site to publish it.

I have tried the email form but it does not work.

Please let me know if it is ok with you and how to proceed.

God bless,
Karim Aziz


  • i am with u i have good english recordings for younger deacons out there. these recordings consist of a wide vareity of hymns and songs
  • That's great. Did you email them?
  • no the link doesn't work for some reason
  • [quote author=kahraba13 link=topic=13577.msg159057#msg159057 date=1345181968]
    no the link doesn't work for some reason

    Well try going to the technical topics the to the Uploading new material thread. If you still have problems please post
  • You can send an email to [email protected]
  • i went to the upload section and there is nothing there i will email them to the amil adress mentioned above an hope for the best
  • Please share the files on dropbox and post a link in the forum.
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