Introducing WoWiSat TV & Radio App - COPTIC ORTHODOX CHANNELS + MORE

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Dear Friends,

I'm delighted to let you know about our new app: WOWISAT TV & RADIO APP that has been launched for the iPhone & iPad by the same developers as Coptic Corner.

WoWiSat not only has all Coptic Channels, but most Egyptian and Arabic Language Channels including ONTV and BBC Arabic Service, CNBC Arabic, Aljazeera (English & Arabic) as a few examples. There are over 380 channels to pick and choose from.

What makes WoWiSat special is that it was built from the ground up solely for TV streaming and fast zapping between channels. All our efforts will be focused on WOWISAT for LiveTV of all Coptic Channels.

Not only can you create a Playlist of TV and Radio channels (MIXED) to choose from, but the viewing is what makes it amazing. We've added features and functionality that make the app work like your LCD TV - you can change the dimension of the TV image and have it optimised for you.

The native iPhone Video streaming service only offers you 2 modes of viewing - Fullscreen and actual size. We offer "Actual Size, Optimum 1 and 2 portrait and landscape, fullscreen, zoom-effect". These are features you will find on your LCD TV's aspect ratio settings. By fine tuning the aspect ratio, a higher definition (HD) image can be realized.

    [li]STEP 2 -> SELECT FAVOURITE TV CHANNELS (Search by Country -- Click on the heart to make it your favorite).[/li]
    [li]STEP 4 -> TO ADD/REMOVE CHANNELS - simply click on the TV icon to SELECT OTHER CHANNELS, or the RADIO ICON for Radio Channels.[/li]
    [li]STEP 5 -> The "LAUNCH FAVOURITES" BUTTON will bring up the launch pad. When a TV starts, the controls will automatically move out of your way, allowing you to concentrate on your viewing. [/li]
For example, you may want to create a playlist with BBC News English, BBC Arabic Service, ON TV Station 1, ONTV 2, CTV, Aghapy TV, & AlJazeera and have these stored for you to zap between them.

You will see that no other app provides a faster way to view channels. The speed in switching and alternating between channels will surely impress you. With WoWiSat TV, you can also change the contrast of the TV image: The contrast modes are: ViViD (Sharper view), CoolView (Brighter), Warm (A hint of sunset), Original. No other app does this. We've also given you audio configuration features so you can control every aspect of the stream.

You can purchase & download from iTunes or the App Store here:

When you download the app, please keep AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD OF NEW CHANNELS on. The app needs to connect to our servers to install on your device the new channels. It will automatically update you when we've added new channels.

All new Coptic Channels will now be added to WOWISAT TV. This is simply because we do not have enough bandwidth to support both COPTIC CORNER and WOWISAT.

Thank you

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