The Fraction to the Son said at any time

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Hello everybody,

I was wondering if anybody could find me an english recording of the Fraction the Son (said at any time).

I have only heard it once, and it is by far the most beautiful fraction. Here is the text of it:

"O the only begotten Son, God the Word, who loved us and because of his love He wanted to save us from eternal damnation, but since death was in the way of our salvation, he yearned to go through it because of his love for us. And so, He was raised on the cross to carry the punishment of our sins.

We are the ones who sinned and He was the one who suffered. We are the ones who were indebted to divine justice as a result of our sins and he was the one who paid off our debts for us. For our sake, he preferred suffering to ease and comfort, toil to rest, shame to glory and the cross to the throne which is carried by the cherubim. He consented to be tied with ropes to release us from the bonds of our sins. He humbled himself to lift us up. He hungered to feed us and thirsted to quench our thirst. He went up on the cross naked to clothe us with the cloak of his righteousness. He opened his side with a spear that we enter and dwell in the throne of his grace and that his blood may flow from his body and wash away our sins.

Finally he died and was buried in a grave that he may raise us up from the death of sin and grant us an everlasting life. So my God, it is my sins that are the thorns that plunged into your Holy head. It is I who saddened your heart by indulging in the worthless pleasures of the world. What is this road leading to death which you are walking O my Lord and Savior. What is that which you carry on your shoulders. O it is the cross of shame that you carry on my behalf. How could this be my redeemer? What made you accept all this? Could the great one be disgraced? Could the glorified one be humiliated? Could the most high be humbled?. O how great is your love.

yes, it is your great love which made you accept and bear all this suffering for my sake, so I thank you my Lord. And all your angels and creatures thank you on my behalf for I am unable to give you thanks which match your love.. Have we then ever witnessed a love that is greater than this love. So then greive O my soul for your sins which have inflicted all this pain on our compassionate redeemer. Visualize his wounds before you and take refuge in him when the enemy is stirred up against you. O my Savior let me cherish your suffering as my treasure, your crown of thorns as my glory, your pain as my joy, your myrr as sweetness in my mouth, your blood as my life, and your love as my honor and gratitude.

O the wounds of Christ stab me with the spear of divine love. O the death of Christ exhilarate me with the love of the one who died for me. O the blood of Christ purify my of all my sins. O Jesus my beloved if you see me a withering member revive me with the oil of your grace and affirm me in you as a living branch O thou the true vine. And when I come forth to take part of your mysteries make me worthy to and ready to unite with you. So that I may call upon you O the heavenly father with the tune of children and say Our father.... "

God bless :)

Pray for me


  • PM me your email address and I will email it to you :)
  • aah, the favourite fraction of my home church. i remember the priest usually used to cry when saying it.
    i was sometimes a bit overwhelmed as well. really beautiful.
  • Hi ThyWillBeDone and All

    Sorry I don't have an answer to your request, but I do have another translation of the
    Fraction, which you might like to read... I love it too- beautiful and I was just listening it today
    on youtube but in Arabic!

    A Fraction to the Son

    O Only Begotten Son, God the Logos, Who loved us, and Whose love willed to save us from eternal perdition… for when death stood in the way of our salvation, He desired to go through it in His love for us. Thus He ascended the Cross to bear the punishment of our sins. We were the ones who sinned, and He is the One Who suffered. We were the ones who were in debt to the Divine Justice because of our transgressions, and He is the One Who paid our debts for us. For our sakes, He preferred suffering to comfort, toil to rest, humiliation to glory and the Cross to the throne borne by the cherubim.

    He accepted to be tied by ropes, that He might untie us from the bonds of sins. He humbled Himself that He might raise us up. He hungered that He might satisfy us, He thirsted that He might quench our thirst, and He ascended the Cross naked that He might clothe us with the robe of His righteousness. His side was pierced by the spear that we might go in and dwell in the throne of His grace, and that the Blood might pour from His Body that we may be washed from our iniquities. And lastly, He died and was buried in the tomb that He might raise us from the death of sin and give us life eternal.

    So, my God, the thorns that pierce Your holy head are my sins. I am the one who has grieved Your heart with my delight in the pleasures of the vain world. And what is this path leading to death along which You walk, O my God and Saviour? What is it that You carry upon Your shoulders? It is the Cross of shame which You carried in my stead. How can this be, O Redeemer? What has made You accept this? Can the Great One be humiliated? Can the Glorified One be despised? Can the Most High be made lowly? Oh, how great is Your love! Indeed, it is Your great love which has made You accept to bear all these tortures for me.

    I thank You, my God, and Your angels and creation thank You on my behalf, for I fall short in offering You the thanks befitting Your love. Have we ever seen a love greater than this? Therefore, mourn, O my soul, over your sins which caused your tenderhearted Redeemer all these pains. Set His wounded side before You, and take refuge in it when the enemy rises up against you.

    Grant me, O my Saviour, to consider Your suffering my treasure, Your crown of thorns my glory, Your pains my comfort, Your myrrh my sweetness, Your Blood  my life, and Your love my boasting and thanksgiving.

    O wounds of Christ, wound me with the spear of Divine love. O death of Christ, inebriate me with the love of Him Who died for me. O Blood of Christ, cleanse me from every sin. O Jesus my Beloved, O True Vine, if You see me a withering branch, embalm me with the oil of Your Grace and make me abide in You as a living branch. And as I approach to partake of Your Mysteries, make me worthy of this, and prepared to unite with You, that I may call upon You, O Heavenly Father, in the manner of children to their father, and say, “Our Father…”.

  • That is the exact one I`m looking for, but in English. The lyrics I posted was just a different ttranslation than the one you posted. :) Thanks anyways :)
  • ok, take the translation, give it to yr priest to read and get out the microphone!
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    Hello everyone, this is a little bit late but I really love this fraction very much as well, I have copied a link of it in English for anyone who would like it, may God bless.
    There’s also this one:
  • @msmekhael
    These are Coptic Orthodox fractions!
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