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hello all,

i need help i have really been getting into el kineesa lately before i used to almost never go to church but now im there everytime i can be and i am really enjoying it alot but now taht im doing all this i feel temptation is hitting me all hours of the day i cant go a second without a thought of sin coming into my head i really dont know how to deflect this temptation or combat it and my FOC thinks just because i am young (im 15) im not important and almost never lets me talk to him and when i have to confess he asks me to do it right after he blesses my tonia and so if anyone could give me advice i could really really use



  • hey,

    I'm usually just browsing around, but this topic's pretty close to home. I'm also young and feel that temptation is hitting me in every direction possible, and in the past I"ve probably been one of the worst people you'd ever meet. The only thing that helps me through is knowing that its not suppose to be easy. Not for me or you or anyone else. But remember, in our faith Jesus Christ gave up his life for us. Also if you can find some books about the saints, it helps to find people that can set examples.. people that gave everything up for their faith.

    Really all I have to say is you should let your mind and soul dictate how you act, don't let your body's temptation do the thinking, because the things that the body wants, it evntually tires of over time. If you give into something and really like it, evntually you'll get sick of it and want something else.. its a neverending cycle pretty much making physical desires pointless. On the other hand, resisting from physical desires is the only way you can be really free in a sense because nothing binds you. (anything from food in lent to drugs to just about anything else)

    I'm not sure anything I said could really help, but just remember to do your best and follow the example that so many before us set.
  • All you need to so is just fight the Temptation. When sin comes into your mind, do something that will occupy your mind besides that temptation. call a friend or watch tv or even better yet read the bible or pray. the devil is trying to make you stop going to church, this is just one of those things where prayer can help you out.
  • first off, congrats on getting closer to the church! :)
    i don't know if you are in a church that is blessed to have more than one priest, but if you are, try talking to another priest at your church. and if you dont, maybe there is another church close by that you can go to and get guidance from the priest there b/c a FOC is very important in a persons spiritual life.

    to keep your mind off temptation, you must focus on God throughtout the day. say short arrow prayers asking for God's help whenever an evil thought comes into your head, such as the Jesus prayer (My Lord Jesus Christ have mercy upon me a sinner). i know one things that helps me throughout the day is the orthodox prayer rope.

    so are a few suggestions of mine, and i hope that they help a little. God bless.
  • hello again all,

    thank you for all your help actually i am not blessed to have more then one priest in my church so i cant theres another church nearby but the priest their (who btw is the coolest abouna ever haha i love him hes great ) anyway but so yeah his church is like a hour drive from my house and hes sick so.... :-[ and i tried praying and asking the intercession of my favorite saints but when i pray i dont feel what i used to feel in my heart during my prayers and i even just broke down in my room while praying because i felt so bad and sorrowful about my sins and everytime i sin something bad happens to me like i get hurt really bad like exactly after and i keep asking god to be with me but i feel like god is angry at me or something and i really don't know what to do anymore thx guys

  • when the devil comes knocking at my door i just say, Lord would you mind getting that
  • Hey Chris,

    Ya, I get what you mean. Sometimes I feel like that too. You sin and you feel so bad and when you pray you don't have that warm feeling that you used to, bad stuff happens and you feel that God is mad at you. The one thing I find that comforts me through all this is knowing that God does love you and always does what is best for you. Just stick with it, it's hard to pull a total 180 quickly, and the devil is going to fight you with everything he has. Personally, I love the story of Moses the Black. If God can change the heart of someone who used to steal and murder, surely he can change our hearts and minds!

  • Temptation is something that never ends....even till our last breath the devil will still be trying to tempt us...its an endless struggle between good and evil. We have to never give up, and never lose hope, because God is with us, God loves us, and God came for sinners. If He forgave the adultress, the tax collectors, then for sure, if we repent, He will forgive us also, and change us.

    If God is with us then we can overcome anything, because He gave us the authority to overcome the wicked one. You have to keep God's love always in your heart, and remember how much He suffered for us, to wipe all our sins away, so then how could we let any thoughts or deeds separate us from the love of Christ?
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    I Thought your name was samaan?!?!?! thats my salutation haha lol haha w.e

    chris© :P ;D :P :D ;D
  • hey chris,
    lol yeah im sorry i just finished reading one of your posts and i typed taht reply to this thread really late and i was thinking that was cool because at my church i just gave a lesson on love and the different loves and i spent a whole half an hour on aghape(its really cool ) thx for the help guys im doing alot better and im combatting my temptation so if you guys want we can change the topic to love if you want


  • just wanted to make a quick note, before we change topics...

    my FOC always told me to do your best to avoid temptation, don't go towards it when you see it. If it's physical temptation, do your best to obstruct your view of it. Keep your mind on something else, and it'll eventually go away!

    See, many people who are atheists or don't believe in God think of this as a major problem (which, technically, is) and decide to go see a psychiatrist to solve their problems...

    ...which is really sad, because you have to pay this guy. FOC's do it out of their love towards us!

  • what i mean by love is the types of Love like aghape,storche and i had teh paper but its gone i cant find it does anyone have any insight on this if you do please share

  • oh i know wat ur talkin bout
    agapi, aeros and deres another one cant memba
    yea we had a discussion on that with our bishop
    agapi- liek brotherly love
    aeros- is like the lust one, the bad one an i cant memba the last one
    if i find it il tell use
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