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  • Welcome :D
  • Well, it's great to have another programmer here! So what are your 5 languages? As for myself, I am a c++/assembly/java/html/php kind of guy haha.
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  • [quote author=gbe link=topic=13497.msg157511#msg157511 date=1341902464]
    C++ (Not really good though i consider small part of cpp), Basic php (ive only made a small hit counter), HTML(FOR DA WIND), BATCH (if that is considered a language ive made a cmd logging thigamabob), and i like to think a little VB, ANd if sql is counted, Small (again i know i scripted a whole gameserver , not a very good one though, using it

    ps. not sure if any of these are considered programming but oh well

    [move][shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300]I H8 SCOOL, PEOPLE THINK IM HACKING WHENEVA I OPEN  CMD  :([/glow][/shadow][/move]

    Oh well, ya I guess it is programming in a way, but I would consider it more like scripting, but there aint nothin wrong with that. At least you know your way around things. Haha, and as for your school and cmd, they must not be smart because nobody in their right mind would allow the command prompt to be accessed on a school network. As a matter of fact, I once got in trouble for unlocking the command prompt then lifting the website sensors so that i could check my email. It was awkward when the technician walked in haha.
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  • haha cool story man. Well, welcome to the forums gbe!
  • C# guy over here
  • [quote author=1Peter48 link=topic=13497.msg158827#msg158827 date=1344867603]
    C# guy over here

    Very cool nice to meet u
  • i partitioned my C: drive the other day so i dont know if that counts for anything...  :o
  • Hi every one. My name is Tiana. Live in Hartlepool and I have great wife Lynn and 3 lovely girls Jade, Abigail (Abby), Elisha.

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  • Hello, I am ElisabethK.How are you all?
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  • Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay.
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