How to handle attraction?

I hope you all are doing well in Christ.

So I am a young twenty something woman. I am at a stage in my life where marriage is not too far off...and there are times, when I meet  a guy who is also involved in church around my age who I would not mind getting to know. I am not a believer of physical attraction. It takes emotional/mental attraction usually for me to be attracted but..

is it wrong to find someone attractive? It could be by the way they carry themselves, speak, or the way they look?

How do we handle these feelings? Should we rebuke them? I'm not sure


  • It isn't wrong. It is a normal biological thing. You become attracted to any man who possesses reputable characteristics - from just being a healthy young man to little things like displaying that he cares about other people in church. E.g. helping the elderly, interacting with the children. It is the first stage that makes you interested in getting to know someone and then find out whether you can be compatible.

    The downside is if the other person is not interested, this can leave you feeling less confident / rejected if you are sensitive.

    Since you sound that you are well aware of 'genuine relationships' based on emotional and mental interaction rather than physical attraction alone, I don't see how this can be bad. It would be inappropriate if a younger girl wants to pursue these feelings. But you are old enough and understand the consequences of your actions and know your limits so you should be ok :)
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