Greek Orthodox to Coptic Orthodox



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    It is really easy. I used to be Russian Orthodox (ROCOR) and I converted to Coptic Orthodox. My priest told me I could get christmated and take communion but I wouldnt be able to serve in the altar. If i got baptized I would be Coptic not Russian Orthodox. I got baptized again (it was conditional). A year later I was made a Epsaltos in the church.

    That makes absolutely no sense.  I'm not attacking you, I'm attacking the priest's "logic" in all of this, and in fact in danger of, in my opinion, bigotry or uncanonical practices.  But nevertheless, welcome to the Coptic Church.  And I like Severian would love to know your story.
  • Yes, I would also like to know more.
  • if the EO have always held the orthodox faith then we should accept their councils and accept the chalcedonian faith shouldn't we?why do we reject their councils then?
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