Pray for me??

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I need prayers so that the Holy Spirit could draw me to a deep and changing repentance. I can’t escape from the hole I put myself in without prayers. Trust me, I’ve tried all of the ways. My last resort is to ask for prayers from other people, so he can have mercy upon me and make me feel bitter and remorse toward the sins I always do. Please pray for me, I know I don’t deserve it since I have been so bad, but I really want to change the destruction I have done to myself. I don’t want anything else but to get closer to God. So please pray for me.


  • Asking others to pray for you should never be the last resort.

    May the Lord guide you in His path and lead you to true repentance.
  • Peter,

    Thanks for your prayers. I guess you are the only person that did pray for me out of the 48 people who saw this! But I am glad to know that someone wants me to come closer to God.
  • I am sure that all the 48 people who saw your post prayed for you, but not all will want to advertise that they are doing so in case it seems that they are especially pious.
  • May the Lord show you the way to Him in his own way.Ask for the intercession and supplications of the saints in your prayers.
    You are in my prayers.Please keep me in yours.
    The Love of the Lord be with us all, and may He accept our repentance and the supplications of His saints on our behalf.
    God Bless!
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