New Podcast from Father Peter Farrington

edited December 1969 in Faith Issues
I have just uploaded a significant lecture on St Timothy Aelurus of Alexandria. This important figure is unfairly condemned by the Eastern Orthodox and too little known by the Oriental Orthodox. This 72 minute presentation seeks to describe the life and teaching of the successor to Pope Dioscorus using the full range of documentary materials which have been left to us. These include some of his theological works, his letters and references in historical texts.

His significance is especially found in his position as a church leader between the periods of St Cyril and Dioscorus on the one hand, and St Severus on the other. He shows himself as eirenic, and concerned to be reconciled with all those who genuinely abandoned error, and also a man of great principle who would rather face 18 years of exile than abandon the faith he had been taught.

It can be downloaded from the site linked.
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