Ahmed Shafiq vs. Mohamed Morsi



  • Dear Stavro,
    You said: "The revolution was started by non-islamic groups to demand social equality, political freedom and human diginity, and it was later sabottaged by the Islamists with the help of the ruling military council and other forces."
    Totally agreed.
    Sorry also for misunderstanding your fluency in Arabic, but I guess you may not have acquaintanecs who joined in in the revolution. I do, and I know exactly what happened, and one can read the progression of events through the days, months, and years. Anyway, that is a side point.
    First of all, and before saying anything, I have to say that you are to me someone like imikhail. I like your style of debating, and I like and support most of your ideas. However, please don't complicate things or give them other meanings just to prove your point; i.e. be more open-minded to other people's views. I would never have meant God rioted, and exactly as Joshua referred to, God called the pharisees hypocrites. He was actually under the Jewish law at the time, and those would have been considered rulers, but He never feared to say the truth out loud, and to expose their arrogance and sinfulness (IN ORDER TO TEACH THEM AND OTHERS), not just for the sake of naming and shaming them of course. I am not alluding to such a heresy. If you remember, He also challenged Pontius Pilate. He also stood up against synagogue heads. Those were authorities, or at the very least "authority figures". He was protesting, or at the very least "challenging".
    God did that to show us that it was OK to protest and seek justice, and as you can read my last post, I did say "peaceful demonstrations, and protests".
    Oujai qen `P[C
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