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Dear friends,
I'm trying to download "Midnight Praises - Friday July 15, 1977" and it downloads wrong file (only 178kb) !!
I'm using Windows XP (SP3) and Firefox 11 and IE 8
God bless,


  • can you post the link that your trying to download
  • the link to download st. gregory liturgy part 1 by Fr Youssef Asaad is for a file only 177 bytes that doesn't work. please fix - this liturgy is awesome. Thanks!,_Liturgy_of_St._Gregory/track01.mp3&t=&p=0
  • For download I make an account user name is Silvia. .i tried to open it f.or download but it said page not found .what can I do please help me .i want to download some hymns. Thanks
  • if  I want a download for any hymns please tell me how .,user .slivia    email     [email protected]         thanks

  • i am also having many challenges with downloads. when i click on the download link it just plays the file rather than download it. i also always seem to have trouble signing on. please try to make these website more user friendly so others can join and partake of the blessings of these files.
  • I am not able to download any file. When i click on the download link it just plays the file rather than download it. Please help. Thanks God bless.
  • yes, the same happens to me!
    my internet connection is bad, and i would like to learn the hymns of the great fast without needing a good connection.
    please help!
  • Solution (that worked for me):
    I opened firefox and logged in with my account.

    1. Go to desired page and file, and click on download icon to the far right of the file name.
    2. Right click the track bar as it appears to begin playing.
    3. Click "save audio as"
  • when i right click, i get 'copy', 'select all', 'search g..' and 'view selection source'.
    i opened firefox to check it.
    i am using a (6 yr old) mac.
    any more ideas?
    thanks for your suggestion.
    may God bless yr fast
  • I can't download hymns as well. I'm having the same issue as mabsoota. Any suggestions how I can download? 
  • I registered so I wanna make download
  • Please I wanna download
  • I have used Google Chrome to go to and then it worked with the download
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