Video podcast on Prayer by Father Peter

I don't know if anyone will be interested but the podcast of the last of three talks on prayer is now available online. It is a talk I gave at our monthly mid-week prayer and study meeting at our British Orthodox mission in the East End of London.


  • Excellent Fr. Peter,

    That's a beautiful room also where you spoke in.

    Thanks for the Video.

  • it was a lovely talk.
    sorry for the door noise at minute 37.
  • Mabsoota, your BO? Wow, I would have never guessed!

    Mabsoota and "irhamna ya allah?" I actually thought you lived in Egypt!

  • no, i am coptic.
    but i live in uk and my parents were born here too, so i like to support the british orthodox church when i can.
    i am too noisy and arrive late and eat lots of onions, so i fit in better with the egyptians...

    edit: now i made a noise on father peter's podcast, i am famous too!
  • Wow, so you are second generation British? That is cool. If I lived in Britain, I would have gone BO all the way lol. Even if it means being timely, and restricting  onion intake!

  • I love Abouna Peters accent. He could be scolding me in the worst of ways and I would still have a smile on my face.
  • also he is gentle and kind and u can feel this in his accent!
    our priests care for us, so it's good when they correct us.
  • Father Peter,

    Thank you for your service in making these videos. I just finished watching Prayer III as I saw this post here on the forum. I am now going to go back and watch the other two in the series (and then probably re-watch this one so I view them sequentially).

    And while the entire presentation was edifying and helpful, this bit particularly spoke to me:

    "So it seems to me that if we are to obey the scriptural injunction of Saint Paul, 'Pray without ceasing', and that of our Lord Himself, that men always ought to pray, then we must begin where we are and use the difficult circumstances which surround us as opportunities to turn to God, not obstacles to spiritual growth."

    It is often the case that I get frustrated with  difficult circumstances in my life and that I have viewed these circumstances as obstacles to spiritual growth. Your advice here is very meaningful to me, encouraging me to transmute these obstacles into further opportunities to turn to God. Thank you for this reminder.
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