Deacon Responses during the departure of H.H. AND during a bishop's visit

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Hey everyone,
Tomorrow is the Feast of the Ascension (Kol sana wentom tayebeen) and it is the first time a bishop visits our church and prays a Liturgy with us after the Departure of The Thrice-Blessed H.H. Pope Shenouda III. What do we say differently? I need to know especially these ones:

"Pray that God may have mercy and compassion upon us..." (During the prayer of Thanksgiving)
"Aketchee Etkhares Emoisees..." (During the Hymn of Conclusion aka Amen Alleluia)

Anything else would be greatly appreciated


  • In the Thanksgiving Prayer, you say "and to repose the soul of our holy father the thrice-blessed Pope Shenouda III and to keep the life and standing of our holy father the metropolitan Avva Pakhomius and his partner in the apostolic ministry our holy father the bishop (metropolitan) Avva (...) and make us worthy to partake..."

    In Aketchi you say "Epchois saouinam emmok penioat ethowab emmetropoleetees Avva Pakhomius nem penioat enepiskopos (emmetropolitees) Avva (...). Efnouti ente etve..."

    (in Marouchasf say everything in the preceding statement until Efnouti ente etve).

    Piehmot Ghar: "pachois enioat ettaiout emmetropolitees Avva Pakhomius nem penioat enepiskopos (emmetropoleetees) Avva (...) Mare piekleeros...
  • Oh in Hiten, the Pope's Hiten should be right before the saint of the day. After the saint of the day, and then the verse for Anba Pakhomius's is chanted and then the verse of the bishop (metropolitan) present is then chanted.
  • Thank you! Our church doesn't say Anba Bakhomious' name in anything... don't know why lol ::) The Bishop of our diocese is Bishop Youssef... does that change anything?
  • Is it correct to replace everything for the patriarch with Anba Packhomious?
  • Then in between Anba Bakhomius and the bishop who is present, you should mention Anba Youssef's stuff.
  • Ekhrestos anesty
    Dear aem581,
    In hedan you do not mention the verse of the pope at all
  • Aem51,

    Depending on the visiting bishop in relation to Bp Youssef's ordination date you would place the order.
    If it is a metropolitan, most definitely he would be sandwiched in between H.B. Metropolitan Bakhomious (Patriarchal Locum Tenens) and Bp Youssef.

    It seems in the North America, there is difficulty with remembering when it relates to Metropolitan Bakhomious.
  • Dear ophadece,
    I saw a recording from St. Mary's and St. Athanasius's Church in Medinat Nasr for the feast of St. Athanasius and they did the Hitens that way.

    Dear ilovesaintmark,
    This is true. Sorry for not stating that. I assumed since Bishop Youssef is enthroned, he would automatically be placed immediately after Anba Bakhomius since the church is in his diocese jurisdiction.
  • Dear ophadece,

    Here is my source:

    Go to 29:00 and you can hear El Shammas Anton Ibrahim Ayad guiding the young deacons in saying it.

    In Christ,
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