In the Midst of the Raging Sea

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Hi guys...first, I would like to share a taranema that my friend showed me...
And I was wondering if any of you could make out the coptic for "in the
midst of the raging sea"... like that song. I was also wondering if the coptic
for the first song is accurate...I don't wanna start a coptic debate, but all I am
asking if the coptic in the song makes any way, shape, or form...:P
God bless, and please pray for me,


  • Anyone?

  • Enjoy ;)
  • Hi AvvaKaras,
    Thanks for the recording, but I already have that...I was just wondering if anyone could
    make out the words in coptic? Like if anyone could post the coptic lyrics on the forum...
    GB, and Plz PRM,
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