Sayings of the Orthodox Fathers - Facebook and Twitter

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Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Xristos Anesti! I hope this message finds you all well in our Lord in the midst of these Holy Fifty Days. I have started a new Facebook account to post sayings of the Fathers; there is also a Twitter account on which I post a distinctive separate set of quotes as well. Please feel free to add me if you would like to read some sayings as you browse through your pages on a daily basis:

Facebook account name: Coptic Word
Twitter: OrthodoxPupil

Keep me in your prayers,


  • Shorter sayings will be posted on Twitter, while more extensive writings will be presented on Facebook.
  • Xristos Anesti!

    I hope this message finds you all well in Christ. I received a message asking about the sources for some of the quotes I have posted thus far, namely one by St. John Chrysostom on children. There are two treatises written on the matter (amongst others), namely Conxerning Vainglory and How Parents should bring up Children, and Concerning the Enrollment of Widows and the Upbringing of Children. Unfortunately, I do not know if they have been translated into English.

    If there are any discussions/questions about the quotes, feel free to post them here on under their respective quotes on Facebook. I believe we can all stand to benefit from such questions.

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