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Hi, I'm new to the site. I am Eastern Orthodox (OCA). I am exploring the Coptic  Oriental Orthodox church. I am really enjoying this site! Hearing the liturgies and prayers (in English) brings relief, peace, joy. Not sure if I will switch to Oriental Orthodoxy though - I love the teachings of the Eastern Orthodox church :) 

Thank you for all the resources on the site. Peace to all. Pray for the unity of our Lord's Churches!


  • Margaret,

    Welcome to I hope you benefit from our site as much as we will benefit from you begin here.

    If you like the liturgies, may I recommend:
    listen to the first one on the left, Fr. Antonious Tanious. This is the liturgy of Saint Gregory prayed, if I am not mistaken, during the time of Christmas (don't remember for sure since I haven't heard it for a while).
  • Thanks, that is very generous of you. I am listening to it right now :) It is lovely.  Nice web site of the parish too. Is it your parish?
  • Actually no....about I know Fr. Antonious Tanious well.

    This website is. is a sister of ans both of them are managed by Saint Mark's COC in Jersey City, NJ (
  • welcome, it is great to have u on the site.
    no need to 'switch' churches, we are all one orthodox church.
  • Thanks for the kind welcome.
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