Gospel Response (Exposition)

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Hello All,

I was wondering what hymn was being chanted after the gospel response of the Liturgy before Sayedna had his funeral. They chanted something that sounded very similar to the exposition tune for the feasts but it had words about Pope Shenouda. I would like to know more about this....


  • get the recording.
  • Mina,

    It is the Liturgy where the body of Sayedna was in front of the sanctuary.
    you can find it in the link here:
    its at (49:49 min)
  • this is tarh el-fa3ala tune. I think since it is the tune of the adam commentary in kiahk, it is also here during lent.
    the text, there is probably a commentary for the departure of the pope.......which i'll find out when i get one of those funeral books they are using
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