Tamgeed for Pope Kyrillos IV

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hello all

first off happy pope kyrillos feast in advance
so since its pope kyrillos feast tommorow i was wondering if anyone had any tamgeed for pope kyrillos because i looked for it all over the net and i couldnt fynd any so if anyone could post sum that would be great



  • hi all i found this stuff about the pope kyrillos that i would like to share it with everyone

    *** As a result in his time that ; anyone could meet the pope whenever in need, even if he was sick or even if one came by night while everybody else slept. When he was asleep, his patron saint, Saint Mina, would awaken him. Once, as Father Raphael Ava Mina says, someone went to Pope Kyrillos to pray for him because all medical effort to heal him had failed. But the Pope was asleep so the person was about to go home. But Saint Mina awakened the Pope to give him his blessings. The man was surprised to find the pope calling him by his name even though he had never seen him before.

    ****The amount of documented miracles performed by Pope Kyrillos and his patron saint, St. Mina, is immense. It is said that nearly every person who lived in the days of Pope Kyrillos witnessed a personal miracle, whether healing from various diseases, miraculous solving of difficult life problems, casting out of devils or just revelation of people's past. And till our present day, Pope Kyrillos performs miracles which are documented. There are more than 18 printed volumes documenting the miracles of Pope Kyrillos. Originally published in Arabic by 'Pope Kyrillos the VI Society', many of these volumes were also translated to English, French and other languages.

    **It is said that Pope Kyrillos VI prayed more than 12,000 masses during his lifetime. He would start the day spiritually at 3:00 or 4:00 am with the Holy Psalmody and finish the liturgy early so that many of his children can go to school and work. This continued for thirty five years ever since the pope was a hermit. The mass service was the source of his strength and greatness.

    he is so awesome i love him so much..... :-*

  • WOW ;D ;D ;D :o :o :o that was awesome hes my patron saint i love him too so much happy feast everyone but if neone has any tamgeed please post it

  • First of all, Happy Pope Kyrollos feast to everyone !

    :-[ Oh, Oh, i'm sorry, i haven't seen this post yesterday.
    I have sent a tamgeed yesterday on coptichymns.net

    Here the link:

    Hope it helps, and sorry again.

    Thks Mary, that's really some good stuff.

  • Thats the song imlookin 4 thx alot tifou but does anyone have teh audio for that if anyone does i would be very greatful

    chris ;D
  • No problem ;)
    i hope everyone enjoys his day today . :)
  • [quote author=CopticChris434 link=board=1;threadid=1308;start=0#msg21844 date=1110337242]
    WOW ;D ;D ;D :o :o :o that was awesome hes my patron saint i love him too so much happy feast everyone but if neone has any tamgeed please post it


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