Cc Live broadcast and taking calls.

Its been a while since I've posted on, mainly because I've had a zillion and one assignments to do, but now I've finished uni which has freed up a lot of my time.

I thought some of you would be interested that the podcast 'concerned copts' is turning into a live broadcast where viewers can call in via skype and have a discussion with the hosts about the topic at hand. All you need to do is add concernedcopts on skype and you're set.

We're broadcasting from: ; this episode will be airing *21st of March at 6.45pm* from Sydney Australia, we're inviting Albert Osseily, once again,  talk to us about the validity and reliability of science and cosmological evolution, for the science minded folk.

The episode after that we'll be talking about domestic violence: what is it, what are the signs, what are the best methods to deal with a situation like this if you know someone who is a victim or if you yourself is a victim etc. This topic also crosses over with mental health which will be touched upon as well.

NB: For those who do not live in Sydney Australia please not the time difference.


Edit: Time and date of first broadcast.
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