Program Helper Updated!

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So, i have finished the program, well almost finished. It will be receiving many updates God willing, but so far it is now able to complete its duty of sending the issue to its recipients whether through email or text message.

Here are some snapshots of the program:

The Splash Screen (the loading screen):

The actual program:

As you can see, there is a box for you to put in your question or problem that you are facing. Then there is a box for how you want to be contacted by. In this box you can put the email address of phone number you want to be texted at so our recipients will be able to know how to contact you. Please don't ask us to call you because no offense this shouldn't be an on going relationship with the recipient. You will get answers only, if it isn't enough then talk to your father of confession.

Then there is a name box. You don't need to put your real name, just put in a name you want to be referred to by.
Then there is a country box. Please fill out this box accurately because our recipients need to know if the text will be international or not, and for other reasons. So please, don't lie.

None of this information will be solicited or sold.

Also, many security features have been added. I can't say exactly what they are because it might jeapordize security, but here is a general explanation:

1. All personal and important information is not stored in the program or its dll file. In other words meaning, nobody will be able to see any of your info if they try to snoop around. And that's if they try (which is unlikely, but sadly i know how easy it is from experience). All information is stored on a secret place on the internet of which i only know of.

2. If you thought number 1 was secure enough, i have added even more protection. In the extremely rare occasion that the program is jeapordized and got the information, it will be encrypted. And it is encrypted with a unique key that is generated.

To show you what i mean, Here is my email encrypted: ÓÃÊÌÊÈÕàÏ×ÑÜ›³ÂÐÍÜš¨¾ÐÙ~

3. If all else fails then I have the power to shut down the application from use by anybody at any time, but that's just in case everything fails. Please feel free to message me with any concerns.

So here is the point of this post, hehe:
In order for this program to work efficiently we need volunteers to answer the questions. You are not obligated at all, but if you are interested in this please message me with a way of communication you want to be contacted by (email or txt message).

Thank you guys for support, and hopefully this will help a lot of people in distress.

God bless.
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