Can´t download complete sermon

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first GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL WORK, My problem is: I downloaded the sermons from Amba Angelos, but they are not complete. I mean the download was complete, but the the sermon itself is only half as long as ( or even shorter ) than it is shown in your line. What can I do? I want to her the rest of the sermons, I am so excited about it :P


  • Michael,

    Which file were you trying to download?
  • Hello
    I downloaded the Amba Angelos sermons:
    -christ our hope
    -back to basics: service
    -back to basics: life of prayer

    and all of them aren´t complete sermons unfortunately

  • Hello,

    I've checked the files - Windows Media Player and WinAmp do show them as having the proper time length as the website says.

    Please pick a file and give us an example of how its incomplete.
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