crosses and prayer ropes made by the monks

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i would love to learn how to make these crosses and prayer ropes ! is their any way i can learn... i think its a great way to occupie my self from sin too. these crosses have been made by monks since the begining of the coptic church and passed down from generation to generation. can somone please help me out i realy want to know how to do this !! for example a video or instructions ? in the summer im going to the monestary in texas is their any monks their that would be willing to tach me ?


  • Here are a few resources for the Orthodox Prayer Ropes:

    Enjoy :)

    The material is called Satin Rat-tail.

    Pray for me!
  • thanks im going to get started :) do you know a way to make the crosses for example like this one...
  • Hey,
    Excellent idea! Prayer ropes are really amazing, i know how to make them too! But, make sure that as you make every knot you remeber to repeat the jesus prayer! But, do not use the first two links, theyre not the greatest at all. However, the third one is really helpful.

    Oh! And about how you said youre going to texas, many monks know how to make them, but are not allowed to teach anyone according to anba youssef.

    But, as for the crosses, i really wanna learn how to! But nobody knows, and there are no videos online. But, if you find out please tell ,e!

    Khen Pikhristoc
  • yea i heard that today. since they sell the prayer ropes they cant tell anyone or no one will go and bye it from the monestary. well im going to see if i can make it just by watching the video im sure it would be much eiseir to do it with somone but i have no choice
  • well can anyone tell me about the history of the prayer rope and how it was first made. i heard that ack angle michael appeared and showed the monks how to make it. i mean how can a person come up with makeing the prayer rope its so complicated to make
  • Not really.

    The story is that one day a monk; St. Pachomious (it is believed) wanted to count his prayers. So, he would take rocks and throw them into a bucket to count his prayers. However, the devil would constantly come and dump the rocks out. Then, he decided to take string and simply tie normal knots, in attempt to count his prayers. Although, once again, the devil would come and untie his knots. So, later on, an angel of the Lord appeared to him and showed him how to tie a knot with seven crosses in it. As a result, this meant that the devil would not be able to untie the knots. Therefore, the monk will be successful in coiunting his prayers.
  • Oh! And also, you will find many different and unique stories all over the place. But this is the most accountable and accurate one.
  • ok thanks every one
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