The Gospel Of Mary Magdelene

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hey today i read the gospel of mary m.
is it real
has any1 else read it

wen they found it it was written in coptic !
so i wanna kno if it is reall
its really short and there r sum missing parts


  • If i'm not too far this the same Gospel that is referred to as The Gospel of Saint Thomas?
  • no
    i started to read the Gospel Of Thomas tho
    i dunno wat its about yet
    its called the Gospel Of Mary Magdelene
    i got it from my local library ;D
  • The Gospel of Mary Magdalene is one of the "Gospels that was banned" by the Council. It supposedly was banned because it refers to the relationship between Christ and Mary Magdalene in a way that cannot completely deny that they were married. Certain pages of the Gospel were burned from the original text.

    There is one example where the Gospel mentions that Christ leaned over to kiss Mary Magdalene, but where He may have kissed her was burned away. A lot of people then question if it was a kiss on the cheek, a friendly sister gesture or was it something more. Another part of the book mentions how St. Peter was extremely jealous of Mary Magdalene becuase of her close relationship with the Lord.

    So there you have it.
  • hay monihanna
    do u believe wat u sed?!?!?! coz that is absolute RUBBISH that is discusting
    thats wat dan brown used to make his book its not true all tese things bout Jesus its discusting umm they were found by some1 but i dont think they r true, yes it was written in coptic but not from whoever rote the bit of the bible but that is absolute rubsh and a disgrace to our religion

    GB ALL
  • I think its a waste of time... cant say I didnt read them... I like to waste my but I think if I wouldve spent that time reading the bible, I wouldve been in a better state of faith... these books will only hurt... even if only for knowlege.... I use to say that all the time... but it will hurt you... in your thinking... and doubting....
  • no i didnt believe them
    i kno they are fake but
    i wanted to kno wat
    they willl say !

    btw , nice name ^
  • I asked Abouna about these gospels, here's abouna anthony's reply:

    it is made up. there is no validity to it whatsoever. there are a bunch of weird gospels out there and the church has said that those gospels are not acceptable. that is why we don't include them in the bible. the da vinci code is based on garbage and therefore it is garbage. i am glad you were able to figure that out for yourself.

    good work dany.
  • [quote author=beshoyrm link=board=4;threadid=1293;start=0#msg23539 date=1113240494]
    btw , nice name ^

    back at ya... lol... and the arrow by the way points to your name now....LOL
  • The Gospel of Mary Magdelene and the Gospel of St. Thomas are Apocryphal Gosples. Both Gosples were found with the Nag-Hammadi excavation in 1947.

    They were written in coptic and belonged to the Gnostic tradition
    and dated to AD200, long after martyrdon of St. Thomas and the departyre of Mary Magdelen. [They stressed on the salvation through Knowledge rather than the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross
  • Safaa's right, they are gnostic gospels which stress salvation by knowledge alone. As I mentioned in another post they are invalid (not to mention very wierd) and do not adhere to our Coptic Orthodox traditions and teachings and therefore they are not included in any facet of our faith. If you actually sat down to read all the gnostic gospels you will notice they are all severely messed up and twist the faith around. I've read all the gnostic gospels and I can officially say that is some wacked out material.

    Gnosticism is also very strange, it differentiated between two Gods, the evil god of this world (who is identified with the god of the Old Testament[vengeful and wrathful]) and another higher more abstract and peaceful God revealed by Jesus Christ.

    Gnosticism is a religion that regards this world as the creation of a series of evil powers who wish to keep the human soul trapped in an evil physical body, a religion that preaches a hidden wisdom or knowledge only to a select group as necessary for salvation or escape from this world.

    The list below mentions writings and Gospels by Gnostics of the second century:

    -The Gospel of Thomas
    -The Secret Book of James
    -Naassene Fragment
    -Gospel of Mary
    -Dialogue of the Savior
    -Gospel of the Savior
    -Ophite Diagrams
    -Gospel of Philip
    -Gospel of Truth
    -Excerpts of Theodotus
    -Acts of Peter
    -Acts of Thomas

    I studied Gnosticism in depth in my second year of University, if any of you are interested I highly reccomend reading these books:

    Gnostic Truth and Christian Heresy : A Study in the History of Gnosticism by Alastair H. B. Logan

    The Secret Teachings of Jesus: Four Gnostic Gospels by Marvin W. Meyer

    I hope someone can find the information presented here useful.

    Pray for me.
  • what's gnosticism? ;D ???
  • also y would they burn the book?
    they were there and witnessed Him also like matthew mark luke and john...

    how de we know they're fake and how do we noe matthew mark luke and john's gospels arn't fake?

  • they were there and witnessed Him also like matthew mark luke and john... The writers of the Gnostic Gospels were psuedo authors falsely ascribed to prominent figures to give a sense of authority to them which they never initially possessed.

    how de we know they're fake and how do we noe matthew mark luke and john's gospels arn't fake?

    Historical fact. External evidence: Church tradition in which the earliest church fathers attest to the authority of the four Canonical Gospels on the basis of their connection with the true Apostles of God. On the other hand, the fathers of church who succeeded the Apostles never recognised the gnostic gospels as authoritative or genuine, and were on the contrary immediately recognised as frauds, and the authors as imposters.

    Internal evidence: The four Canonical Gospels are consistent with extra-Biblical historical data, and are generally reliable and valid historical documents. The gnostic gospels are mythical gnostic works with gnostic influences inherent in both style and content. Internal evidence of the canonical Gospels point to and affirm the authors we understand them to have been written by i.e. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - the gnostic gospels simply dont.


  • love4all

    Out of all the books written concerning the gnostic gospels; is there a reason why the two you recommend are written by heretical non-Christian authors with anti-Christian viewpoints?

  • yea i was actually wondering the exact same thing :-\
  • In response to Iqbal and Copt4Life,

    I studied Gnosticism from every angle, Christian and non-Christian. I also like to read unbiased books that deal with facts presented at given times and places and ones that are clearly cut so that I can formulate my own opinions and theses. The books I reccomended are not as religiously driven and mainly focus on Gnosticism and evaluating and discussing the Gnostic writings themselves, without bashing and completely attempting to disprove Gnosticism. I present these books not to make Gnosticism look bad and false but to give people a better understanding of the religion itself, from a different perspective so that they can form their own opinions and ideas.

    Pray for me,

  • I also like to read unbiased books that deal with facts presented at given times

    Buddy, Meyer is an advocate of the Jesus seminar – you call his book unbiased? lol This guy is no doubt biased in an anti-Christian direction, no question about it – have you actually read this book? It puts the Gnostic works on par and even above the true Gospels, based on the same typical and false Jesus seminar presuppositions.

    The books I reccomended are not as religiously driven and mainly focus on Gnosticism and evaluating and discussing the Gnostic writings themselves.

    The book you recommended is skeptically driven. Does that make it more reliable?

  • Dear Iqbal,

    I sense some hostility on your part, and it is partly due to some misunderstanding. I merely provided these reccomendations as they are interesting books on Gnosticism, as I mentioned in my previous post I like looking at things from different perspectives. As for the "unbiased view", I meant to say religiously unbiased--away from Coptic Orthodox beliefs (ie. A non-Copt author) as it allows me to create my own point of view. And yes the book is skeptically driven, thus why I enjoy lets me look at Gnosticism from various perspectives so I can create my own, several other colleagues of mine also enjoyed it as they did some research after reading the book to discover other "enigmas" concerning Gnosticism. That does not make it reliable, I never intended it to be a reliable text, it merely provides an interesting window and view into Gnosticism.

    This does not mean that I believe Gnosticism to be true in any way, as I have elluded to the fact that I believe it to be a twisted faith which creates more than One God and as we all know there is only One God, as well as other fallacious arguments.

    Interesting side note, the Bible discusses the Gnostics in the Epistle of Jude with a concentration of verse 4.

    "For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ."

    Thanks to Abouna Angelos from my Church and Uncle Nashed Youssef (famous for his very "interesting" and overtly hilarious lessons ;D), I learned that the Epistle discussed Gnostics and their ungodliness.

    Anyways, I hope that clarifies some things on my part Iqbal :)

    Take care and God Bless.
    Pray for me,
    Your sister in Christ,
  • Love4all,

    First of all there is absolutely no hostility on my part, I just find it puzzling that a Coptic Orthodox Christian, in answering to a post on a Coptic Orthodox website concerning the heresy of Gnosticism (the inquiry itself being made by a Coptic Orthodox Christian who is ignorant on the matter and who wants to learn), would recommend books which represent an EXCLUSIVELY one-sided viewpoint on gnosticism from the WRONG perspective – and one that IS biased and tainted by skepticism and hence NOT concerned with the facts, but rather concerned with one TWISTING the facts in order to arrive at false presupposed conclusions.

    It’s almost like if a Christian came and asked me about Jesus, and I told him briefly how Jesus is God the Logos Incarnate who came to redeem mankind from sin – and then I follow my brief explanation with a recommendation that he go read the Quran to find out more.

    There’s thousands of books out there from Christian perspectives presenting a more objective analysis of the Gnostic Gospels then idiots like Meyer - simply because true objectivity leads one to Orthodox Christianity which rejected the gnostic Gospels 2 millenia ago.

    It simply baffles me why you would recommend the enemy and ignore the friends, especially when the friends provide the objective arguments, and the enemy twist the facts.

    P.S. again no hostility - no malcious intentions - I just think you were negligent in recommending the books you did, and I dont think you have or can justify it. I have the feeling that you havent actually read the books in question and so you just made an honest mistake.
  • [glow=red,2,300]In the Name of the Father + and the Son +and the Holy Spirit +. the One True God. Amen.[/glow]

    I think i understand what both Sister Love4All and Brother Iqbal are trying to say. Our dear sister was trying to state the usefulness of non-religious book with a more "objective" or historically scientific point of view that may open to the reader "fresher" point of views that maybe religious tomes may not due to Holy Tradition. This may be because Tradition may seem too confining in some areas of critical thought due to the possibility of approaching contridiction or even heresy (Jesus Seminar). Of course the danger here is the seductive influencing of secular/post-modernist thought which dictates truth is relative thus subjective (my truth is not your truth) and not objective (the Truth). So people form their own opinions - no matter how well educated it is- treating them as "gospel" or the Truth ( hope i am making sense...:)).

    This is where the Lordship of Our Savior Jesus Christ comes into play and goes hand in hand with thie topic of "truths" (gnosticism and false gospels) and the TRUTH ( Jesus Christ, His Church and Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). Biblical-historical scientific research is not an ends but a MEANS to furthering our understanding of the Holy Scriptures. Scientific theories come and go but Jesus "is the same yesterday,today and tomorrow" (Hebrews 13:8). Being honest with ourselves when studying is important most definitely but "give to caesar what belongs to caesar and to God what belongs to God" (Matthew paraphrase). God is not under the control of the archaeologists nor the historians. But are WE under God's Lordship with all our hearts, with all our MINDS and with all our strength? In other words are our opinions based on deepening our relationship with God or just studying HIM as a specimen under a microscope? "He must increase, but I must decrease" (john3:30).

    Please forgive moe for the long speech ...I am a gamuz with a lot of hot air... ;)... but i hope i made my point clear. To surrender to Jesus is to surrender to His Body,the Church (Luke 10:16). Thus i subject myself and the findings of my studies to Holy Tradition or as St Augustine wrote to St Jerome," I most firmly believe that none of the authors [of the Holy Scriptures] has erred in anything he has written. If I find anything in those writings which seems to be contrary to the truth, I assume that either the codex [ the handwritten copy] is inaccurate, or the translator has not followed what was said, or that I have not properly understood it."

    I have no doubt both Sisiter Love4All and brother iqbal are fervent believers of Christ and Hos Holy orhtodox Church and with these words I leave you ask ask u to please pray for this great sinner.
  • guys look, u are all allowed to speak ur own opinion lol
    jus relax a bit
  • [quote author=nadertossoun link=board=4;threadid=1293;start=0#msg24376 date=1115267892]
    what's gnosticism? ;D ???

    gnosticism: The doctrines of certain pre-Christian pagan, Jewish, and early Christian sects that valued the revealed knowledge of God and of the origin and end of the human race as a means to attain redemption for the spiritual element in humans and that distinguished the Demiurge from the unknowable Divine Being.
  • "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God"

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