Song Recommendations for Sunday School

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Hi, I'm working on making a song book for Sunday school. I'm making two books. one for kids and one for the high school book. If you guys have anything recommendations, (including alhan) please let me know. thanks.


  • Hymns from kiahk are always a great addition. Also 'lama el 7emel byet2al' <<<<<< One of my favourites
  • My Coptic Church ;)
    Hear my Cry
    No Don't Leave me Alone
    Shepherd of my Soul
    Tired and Weary
    Forgive me my Redeemer
    No one is Like You
    Trample O my Soul
    Fill my Cup, Lord
    O What a Great Redemption
    She Came with the Spices
    O Virgin Mary You're Exalted
    In the Midst of the Raging Sea
    My Fathers the Monks of the Desert
    A Purple Bunch of Grapes
    Come You All Heavenly Hosts
    Thy Goodness Fills the Universe
    Come O Lord and Save my Soul
    When Mary
    O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
    Let us Glorify our Lord
    O Beloved
    I Place my Soul into Your Hands
    How Could I Forget
    To Whom Shall I go
    O Seeker to Meet Jesus
    Our Lord, Our Lord
    Just Like the Bird
    Happy Trip with Jesus Christ
    Create in me a Clean Heart
    You Crowned the Year
    Your Peace Passes all Understanding
    How Lovely
    Father God
    In Moments Like These
    Hail to Mary
    Amen, Amen Come
    St. Monica
    The Solid Rock
    To Whom Shall I Go

    And there are tons for St. Mary if you need more pages.

    I'm not sure what you mean by a kids book? What's considered a 'kid's song'?
    I think all those songs can be sung by any age group.
  • Thank You!! :)

    And I mean like a younger age group. up to 6th grade.
  • Do you have language prefrance?
  • Well mainly english, and some arabic and coptic.
  • For English, I think TITL coverd it... except if you want to add some protostant songs 0.o... I am kidding. is from a very good kids album. (You can find the rest of the album in the related videos list.)
  • you should expose them to the theotokias and various hymns of the church.
  • Does anyone has an audio link to any of these songs?
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