Common Decleration

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We humbly recognize that our Churches are not able to give more perfect witness to this new life in Christ because of existing divisions which have behind them centuries of difficult history. In fact, since the year 451 A.D., theological differences, nourished and widened by non-theological factors, have sprung up. These differences cannot be ignored. In spite of them, however, weare rediscovering ourselves as Churches witha common inheritance and are reaching out with determination and confidence in the Lord to achieve the fullness and perfection of that unity which is His gift.

what do you think of this paragraph?


  • In the name of this charity, we reject all forms of proselytism, in the sense of acts by which persons seek to disturb each other's communities by recruiting new members from each other through methods, or because of attitudes of mind, which are opposed to the exigencies of Christian love or to what should characterize the relationships between Churches. Let it cease, where it may exist. Catholics and Orthodox should strive to deepen charity and cultivate mutual consultation, reflection and cooperation in the social and intellectual fields and should humble themselves before God, supplicating Him who, as He has begun this work in us, will bring it to fruition.

    And this one. So we can not convert catholics to orthodoxy it seems pope shenouda agrees
  • It doesn't say that. It says that Catholics should not be targeted especially, not that those Catholics who wish to be Orthodox should not be able to do so.
  • yeah thats if they want to, we should not try to convert them just tell them what we believe if they ask and they can join if they want. Not say you must join our church to be saved.
  • yes, user 157, that's how i understand it as well.
  • Thats cool but that is a bit hard for people to accept. It is hard to not want to preach or target catholics if you personally believe they can not be saved, not saying I believe that. That means we may have to know if they can be saved. So do we accept their sacraments or not? I personally believe they can be saved
  • I don't fully understand why you are going down this thread. You seem very concerned and anxious about many things, but you should concentrate on your own spiritual growth under the instruction of your priest.

    Do please, for your own welfare, not keep worrying about things that are not in your power, or scope of activities.
  • Fr. Peter,

    I must confess, I am perhaps also guilty of being anxious if not interested in what is happening between us the RCC. On the one hand, this is very exciting news to hear of progress between us, on the other hand, this does affect us spiritually:

    The Coptic Church is not as widespread as the RCC outside of Egypt. If the future held for us a possibility of using their churches, or even attending their churches as places of worship, this would be quite useful. It would determine where we live, where we buy houses, how we educate our children.

    This news affects everyone.
  • Okay Father Peter I will keep that in mind. When I need to see a priest I will go and see my FOC
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