EGYPT!!!! Christians are being killed

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church
As i am writing this post, the Muslims in a certain part of Alexandria are throwing Christians out of their apartments and killing and choking them and burning and breaking their stores and shops. Please pray for Egypt and that God will open the eyes of the little chickens called the muslims. They know that islam(that's right, i didn't capitalize it, it's not even worth to be a word) can't compare to Christianity and Christianity has repeatedly proven them chickens wrong so the only way they can reply is with violence because there are no words to defeat the Church of God. The COPTIC ORTHODOX CHURCH. Even now they AREN'T winning. "For to me to die is gain".

God be with His people. Amen.


  • i heard the same on Facebook..

    is it salafists?

    do you have the news link?
  • I saw it on the way tv al tareeq. I don't think it's salafists they are a huge group of Muslim people being led by a criminal called Essam I believe. It's truly horrible what's going on in Egypt. Nothing new but it's sad every time
  • may God have mercy and bring us all close to Him so we can support our brothers and share with them in the sufferings of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
  • May God have mercy on their souls. The martyrs of our church will never be forgotten and may God be glorified in all His saints!
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