Engagement and marriage

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Dear brothers and sister in Christ,

I am getting engaged in few months, God willing. And I was wondering about the engagement, do we need to have a reception?

As for the wedding, we will go to the church and then the reception. I don't want to have dancing in my wedding so what alternatives can we do during the reception?

Btw I live in the US

In Christ


  • Let me start off by saying Good for you! That's great you want to keep it clean.

    Now I'm no expert in this field, but I've seen many engagements that don't have receptions, they just have dinner. I've seen it where they have dinner at their home (the engagement was at their home), and I've seen where they go out to a fancy (but not too fancy) restaurant and have dinner (the engagement was at church).

    As for the wedding, regrettably every wedding I've been to has had dancing at the reception. I think this is where you put your best man and maid of honor to work, and tell them to plan fun activities, people can give a toast, etc.
  • I have attended an engagement in a monastery before... I think this just forces the people to not dance and do all of that... lol
  • you can have snacks in the church hall after the engagement ceremony, no need to get bling bling with the big hotel, dj, music etc (i have seen both varieties, and prefer the non-bling!)

    and well done for trying to avoid dancing. you can do what good friends of mine did (who were more famous for being late than most sudanese...) and make a mini video of yourselves rushing through the town on a last minute trip, the bride breaking her shoe, escapades involving a shopping trolley, and then the video ends with you rushing late through the doors of the place where the reception is held, only for the doors really to open and then you to walk in. (the best entrance i ever saw!)
    then have something between parts of the meal (choir or something else) and the meal going on long into the night (with long breaks for people to get up and socialise), so there's no time for dancing.

    i know there's nothing wrong with dancing itself, but in my experience wedding dancing is generally people shaking their butts for the attraction of the opposite sex, which is not what we should be doing.
    you could maybe try line dancing or some other form of dance that doesn't involve showing off yr lovely bodies, but chances are in a big wedding it will get hijacked by those who are showing off.
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